This is Louis K Wang, a journalist, a filmmaker, an animator and an scholar of PhD in art education. This is the virtual entity that presents articles and artworks made during the past decades, for exhibition,  college and seminars.

My researching  focused on creative culture and entertainment economy which later on termed as part of the “Creative Industry” for the business society and international trade.

I also do film production and animation for some high profile production with serious topic such as arts and sustainability.

After the story of industrial revolution,people were told that the future would be infinite wealth and happiness.Advanced technology and capital games are path to the prosperity.
However, when we look into the world today,obviously, this is the failure of human civilization and the catastrophe of the Earth.From your feeling inside heart and soul may ask,
are there  any  alternative story to happen?
We are the generation, in this transition between the stories,wants to redeem for the past, but not sure for the future.Are there some stories happen but not known by the public?
Perhaps life is just a constant process of  experiments,give a example for all human beings to follow!

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Prof. Louis K Wang